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How we do events

Event agency PUSH-K Solutions creates unique events since 2007 in Ukraine and outside, has an excellent reputation, good portfolio and energy to create further. During more than 10 years at event industry the agency developed more than a hundred events in Ukraine and abroad. Our largest event has welcomed more than 1500 guests – we have things calling to memory, but we continue to move forward. We are inspired by new solutions, new artists, modern multimedia technologies and the potential of WEB for the event industry.

PUSH-K Solutions event agency is a full-cycle agency. Our specialization is the organization of complex events for companies, diplomatic missions, international organizations and public authorities.

The philosophy of the event agency is extremely simple – creating a good event, you should take under control thousands of details. There is not something secondary in the event, every seemingly trifle is actually very important – it is part of the global picture and tens, hundreds, thousands of private impressions that remain with the guests forever. All these details anyway are connected with the main components of the event, in which we are professionals:

1. EVENT CONCEPT. The concept of the event is the primary goal of any event agency. A detailed event brief and a deep interview are the key to the successful development of the event concept. It requires a deep understanding of the audience, business processes, messages and accents. Corporate event is not just «drink, eat, listen to music» 😊, but a powerful tool for solving business goals, managing loyalty, communicating corporate messages, confirming success and motivation for necessary actions.

2. EVENT DIRECTION. To disclose the event concept, it is important to determine list, parameters and order of the show elements and develop according the event concept sceneries; multimedia content; music; design; animation zones and everything an event agency can work with. Event director sees the general picture of the event and writes a Scenario in close cooperation with project team. In the Scenario is collected absolutely all information about the event, its size may reach forty or more pages.

3. EVENT LOCATION is selected by the required by client parameters: level, address, rent sum, kitchen, size, halls, technical base, installation possibilities. The agency has a large database of event locations in Ukraine and it constantly updates – the managers of new locations first of all send to the primary event agencies all data about their places.

4. CATERING. The main thing is the quality of food, drinks, service personnel and the correctness of calculations of volume per person. When our client orders catering independently, we try to help with advice and protect against errors in the calculations. Not all locations have a kitchen and staff, so for such cases we have reliable catering services.

5. SOUND, LIGHT, CONSTRUCTIONS. Professional sound equipment, correct set of lighting devices, fresh and serviceable multimedia equipment, metal constructions for hangers and stage modules are important elements of any large event. PUSH-K Solutions event agency cooperates with the leading technical rent companies of Kiev, and has partners in the Dnipro, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv.

6. SCENOGRAPHY AND SCENERIES. The pavilions of the expo centers and open air locations are used for large events — in both cases professional scenography, scenery and an effective light scheme are required. Event locations often need additional design, synchronization with the event concept or space refreshing by floristics. We design and produce sceneries of varying complexity and scale — from voluminous street letters to exclusive scenes of large-scale gala dinners and sceneries for TV products.

7. BOOKING OF ARTIST (hosts, musicians, original genre) – is a delicate task, which is entrusted only to the event agency that has acquaintances, direct contacts, trustful relations and good reputation in show business. We worked with almost all top artists of Ukraine, brought foreign performers, concert activity for us is familiar and understandable. We can find adequate artists for each budget and, if client has no budget for stars, we will offer a perfect cover band or an excellent DJ.

8. GRAPHIC DESIGN FOR EVENTS. Logos of events, key visuals, branding of locations, invitations, photo zones and much more — all this is necessary for a good event. Event design tasks can be the most unexpected, we know it and ready for it.

9. VIDEO AND VJ. When the event uses multimedia equipment, it enhances the event director’s opportunities. Video content is a great tool to disclose concepts, strengthen show programs, submit commercial information, and for awards ceremonies it is most suitable tool. During the show VJ manages video content, through the video console he is connected to all screens and projectors of the event location and is guided by the Scenario and the requirements of event director.

10. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AT EVENTS. In the era of total Internet and social networks, a modern event agency is required to use information technologies in its industry. Bar code scanners, voting sites, online quests, sms, mobile applications – all this can be used in the event. Your guest’s phone is a great tool to make the event more exciting.

11. PHOTO, VIDEO STAFF. All agency`s projects are escorted by skilled photographers, their lenses have seen hundreds of events. The agency cooperates with a narrow range of video operators, creating excellent video reports and doing video re-transmissions – not all guests are sitting close to the stage at large events, so what is happening there should be displayed on large screens.

12. ADMINISTRATORS. When the event is ready to launch and the signal for start sounds, everything is in the hands of the event administrators. Functions are distributed, radio sets are charged, scenarios are prepared, maximum concentration and attention. In the agency team are administrators with many years of experience in servicing large and complex events, including events with high-ranking guests.

We can write a lot about event industry — we just like to do it, we like to create ideas, event direction solutions, we love it when it’s noisy fun and beautiful. To get started, we ask you to fill out easy EVENT BRIEF just talk to our event director.

Corporate events

PUSH-K Solutions is full cycle event agency. We work at event industy since 2007. We professionally create corporate events for large companies. As an event agency we have competitive advantages:

EXPERIENCE – creating corporate events over than 10 years

TEAM – in our team are event managers, event director, designers, technical specialists, copywriters

APPROACH – we have two rules: 1) the customer is always right 2) if the customer is not right, see the first rule

CREATIVE – we are creative ones, we always invent, construct, design something

OPPORTUNITIES – when creating a corporate event, additional resources of agency can be involved. (production, manufacturing, programming, marketing)

If you have the task to develop corporate event, we will gladly share our vision after you fill in easy EVENT BRIEF or just talk to our event director. Below is the selection from the PUSH-K Solutions portfolio by category Corporate events:


Brand zone at festival

The bullet-time photo zone

The photo zone with bullet-time effect for CLUB 4 PAWS brand

International Conference

European Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry

Event-presentations & exhibition support

Football freestyle - promo at the event

SKODA Rapid presentation

Organization of the presentation of the car in the showroom

Test drive event

Celebrating the 15-th anniversary of the company

Event for the "Kniazha" insurance company

Open Day at the dealer’s showroom

Support for SKODA National Action

Dj Awards ceremony

Promotional activities at major events

Promo at the Kozyrna party

Exclusive promotions

Beach Cinema at Kazantip

Summer party for employees in Kyiv

TAS Group. Summer party

Organizing a promotional tournament

Organizing a promo-tournament

Party-opening of KIAF

Test drive for all SKODA models

Internal corporate presentation

Insurance group TAS. Presentation of the "CASCO Green Corridor"

Elite event, vip-entertainment

Corporate event

Anniversary of a cult product

Corporate New Year celebration

Individual event concept

Ambitious10-th anniversary of the company

Individual event concept

Ceremony of rewarding

Ceremony of awarding with “Golden sprout”

Opening of a monument in Kyiv

Event presentation

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions)

To focus on the content of a business event, an event agency specializing in exhibition activities, conference services and business events is usually attracted to organizational issues. PUSH-K Solutions is such agency – we professionally provide, specific to other events agencies, MICE services:

CONFERENCE SERVICE SUPPORT. Halls, hotels, buses, air tickets, printing, translators and simultaneous translation systems, participant registration systems and administrators, international logistics and much more. Conference service is a special kind of event, the key difference of which is its 100% focus on creating comfortable conditions for solving business issues.

EXHIBITION MANAGEMENT. We understand how the exhibition industry is organized, and we will share with you our experience and achievements: selection of the exhibition events in Ukraine and abroad; calculations of the cost of renting space and media advertising at expo events; development of the concept and manufacturing of exhibition equipment and promotional materials; local and international logistics of project materials. With us, you can always be sure in professional exhibition management when organizing your participation in exhibition events.

ORGANIZATION OF PRESENTATIONS, BRIEFINGS, PRESS-TOURS. We will help you make a public statement in such way that the audience you need will hear yours messages. The agency has repeatedly implemented projects that combine the event, conference and PR services, so our clients use, in addition to administrative support, our experience in creating media strategies and analytics.

If your company needs professional MICE support, PUSH-K Solutions is at your service. You can write, call or fill out the MICE BRIEF, which our specialist will study and give feedback. Below is the selection from the PUSH-K Solutions event agency portfolio by MICE category:


Amsterdam expo

International Conference

European Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry

Event-presentations & exhibition support

Participation in the exhibition AGRO

Football freestyle - promo at the event

Exhibition support

Promotional activities at major events

Promo-event. Incarnation of sponsorship packages

Event in the office

Team building with firearms

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Ambitious10-th anniversary of the company

10-th anniversary of the Insurance Group

Ceremony of rewarding

Ceremony of awarding with “Golden sprout”

Opening of a monument in Kyiv

Event Ideas

Our ideas, concepts for the event industry, which for some reason have not been implemented, are published in this section. When good projects are dusting at the shelf, it’s wrong. Perhaps some concept is suitable for your event or some idea will be very timely for your company. If nothing is below, then nothing gets dusty at the shelves 😉 or the content manager is working on it.


Interesting at market

This section is devoted to the attention worthy participants and products of the event industry. We are trying to collect extraordinary, innovative and just interesting proposals. There may appear our partners and companies whose products are inspiring others. Perhaps these materials will be useful for both our customers and for new products that the market should see. Everyone will win.


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